About Classical
Martial Arts Canada

CMAC is a generic Canadian Martial Arts organization created to assist affiliated professional and semi-professional Martial Arts Schools. As a governing body for grading black belts and ensuring the levels of knowledge and proficiency standards remain high, on-going training and development of associated instructors and their students is its top priority.

CMAC will interface with other Martial Arts organizations both nationally and internationally to make available seminars, competitions and research trips to members. The Martial Arts tradition evolved through China, Okinawa, Japan and the U.S.A., but as Canadian Martial Artists we must now complete our part as Canadians for future Canadian growth.

Any and all student s from yellow belt involved in a full or part-time programme are required to be registered with CMAC in order to obtain any ranking certificate whether of kyu or dan level.
CMAC - Canadian Martial Arts Centre Oakville
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