Background of
Sensei James Kenney

Mr. Kenney's training in Martial arts began in the later 1960's, when he studied Taekwondo under Park Jong Soo and then Master Kim while attending Ryerson Polytechnical Institute for Mechanical Engineering.

He graduated in 1969 to enter the business world, where he successfully rose to become the global marketing manager for a large American owned international corporation.

In 1985 Martial Arts again entered his life when he began to study Goju Ryu Karate with Sensei Platt in Burlington. He continued his studies achieving his current rank of Yondan (4th°) in Goju Ryu Karate, as well as Shodan (1°) in Tradition Okinawan Kobudo and has achieved an Instructors Certificate in Tai Chi Chuan.

During these years of training, he attended many different Martial Arts Seminars and received instruction from such notable instructors as Sensei Platt, O' Sensei Urban, Morio Higaonna, Don Warrener, Fumio Demura; Benny Allen, and Sensei Richard Kim.

He has participated in 9 - 24 hour Immersion Training Seminars and 5 - 12 Hour Sessions, as presented by Sensei Platt. Such intense seminars provided concentrated studies in the Martial Arts of Karate, Jui Jitsu, Aikido, Kobudo, Tai Chi, and Pa Qua.

Although he has traveled to the Four Corners of the world, the trip to China with Sensei Platt was the most memorable. The visit to the Taoist's 600-year-old Purple Dragon Temple and climbing to the top of Wudang Mountain, were unforgettable experiences. As was the visits to the International Wushu Center in Fuzhou, in the Fukien Province, where they studied with Five Masters of the Southern Shaolin, Five Fist Styles. From a Historical point of view, Fuzhou was the embarkation point for Goju Ryu to Okinawa, from where it traveled by way of Japan, America and finally to Canada.
Sensei Jonathan Kenney - Canadian Martial Arts Centre Oakville
Having retired early from the International Business Environment, he has dedicated his efforts to training and teaching in the Martial Arts.

Together with his Son, Jonathan, they have taken the step and made the commitment to operate a Full Time Professional Dojo in Classical Martial Arts Canada and are looking forward to years of success for the new Burlington North Location of CMAC.